Do you experience back pain on a daily basis?
Or perhaps you just have discomfort from time to time?
Are you looking for a gentle, restorative approach to ease your sore, tired back?
This is the course for you!

Chronic back pain and discomfort is more than just a common occurrence in our modern world. Studies have found that more than 70% of adults will experience some form of back pain or injury during their lifespan. These simple, gentle sessions will take you on a journey to explore yoga as a powerful healing tool for your back as well as help to release tension and stress that can exacerbate back issues. Expect evidence-based sequences and postures, specifically targeted to relieving pain and discomfort all along your spine.

Meet your teacher, Kendall Beene

Kendall Beene is a full time yoga teacher and studio owner. Teaching yoga since 2005, Kendall is a respected and beloved leader in the yoga community in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.  A self-confessed yoga anatomy and philosophy geek, Kendall loves to find the perfect concoction of movement and breath, allowing her students to come alive on every level. Kendall's wealth of knowledge and attention to detail has led her to be one of the most sought-after private teachers in the region - especially for those experiencing back pain. In this course, Kendall will share the wisdom she has gained through countless hours of study as well as her vast experience working with students and clients to find relief from chronic and/or occasional back pain.

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