Yoga Nidra Workshop Series - Session 2

In session two, we dive deeper into theory by viewing the map of the mind from Eastern

and Western philosophies, exploring the Conscious, Subconscious, Ego, and

Unconscious. The rest of the session is spent exploring how to prepare the physical body

for the state of nidra. Shea will lead you through building the perfect “nidra nest” so that

you can find complete relaxation allowing nidra to become more accessible. You’ll also

be guided through the theory and practice of moving “prana” (life-force/energy) so that

the subtle body is prepared for nidra. Session 2 ends with establishing our Sacred Abode

of the Heart to experience yoga nidra.

Hi, I’m Shea Walker

the keeper of curate soul, a space where you can find yoga practices, ayurvedic guidelines, guided meditation, aromatherapy, and other methods to use on your healing journey. My desire is for all humanity to live our most vital life by healing the mind-body-spirit connection. My intention is to assist you in curating a personal medicine chest filled with healing tools you can use daily; reconnecting to your own healing potential and healing from the inside out. As a 200-hour registered yoga teacher in the sri vidya/tantric lineage, my instruction is rooted in parayoga inspired hatha yoga and tantra vinyasa. I am also a certified ayurvedic yoga specialist. My AYS certification was completed at the HimalayanInstitute and is recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. In addition to offering curated yoga practices, aromatherapy, and thai bodywork, I also offer ayurvedic consultations. The combination of yoga and ayurveda allow me to curate practices, rasayanas (nourishing products), and lifestyle guidelines specific to your healing journey.

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