As each of us moves through this world and our daily lives, we are bombarded with information from every direction. That constant influx of information and mixed messages can lead us to confusion, questioning, and overall lack of clarity. For centuries Eastern philosophy has stressed the importance of finding time to quiet our minds and rest our nervous system. Western science is now agreeing and encouraging each of us to find practices that lower our stress levels and support our overall well-being. The practices that allow us to rest, digest, and restore are the same practices that can lead to the state of yoga nidra. Nidra can be loosely translated to mean “sleep” but yogic sleep is actually quite different from the sleep we are accustomed to; we are actually awakening when we enter into the state of nidra. We are awakening to our true nature as well as awakening to what keeps us asleep in our lives; those habits and thought patterns that keep us from thriving, as individuals as well as a collective.

This series of workshops will allow you to dive deeper into these practices that create boundless clarity and awaken you to your full potential.